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Alien Frag , is a really simple action game (but still fun), The game include 4 levels (more may be add later) plus one secret map (try to find how to get there) At each level there will be 5 aliens to kill, you shoot the alien by using you mouse cursor.

Sound easy ?   Well here the catch, you only have 10 shot per level (2 per alien) and each alien will only come twice, if you let an alien escape 2 time GAME OVER of you waste all your ammo GAME OVER!

Here a list of the Alien Frag features.

  • Good graphic quality (you will not see big pixels)

  • MP3 music (one music for each level)

  • Wav sound

  • 3 level of difficulty (Aliens speed)

  • No load time between levels

  • Fast gameplay

  • Simple interface

Mad Monkey!!!